#2: Bandslam

August 21, 2009

bandslamBandslam is a film I’ve had mixed feelings about.  On the one hand, director/writer Todd Graff also did one of my fav teen dramas Camp, but on the other hand, this film contained Vanessa Hudgens, who has to be the least charismatic actress on the face of the planet.  Apparently other people agree with the last statement, or at least parents are forbidding their children from seeing a movie with a girl who has been caught photographing herself nude twice because I was the only one in the theater.  Nevertheless, being a movie buff in the making, I felt it was my duty to at least see the film.

So what’s it about?: Nerdy guy moves to new school where everyone is obsessed with a battle of the bands contest called Bandslam.  He meets some new people who were once on the Disney channel and becomes manager of a new band that vows to knock out the competition and win this contest.  But everybody is hiding dirty laundry so chaos ensues.

The Good: With a movie about bands you naturally have a pretty chill soundtrack.  It’s a pretty decent mixture of already recorded tracks, covers, and original music.  And Aly Michalka is awesome, especially her vocals.  The story itself was cute enough to be entertaining, which is always good, and the characters were altogether likeable.  And this is totally personal opinion, but I loved the clothes in this film.

The Bad: Vanessa Hudgens.  OMG, people need to STOP casting her.  She has NO emotion.  Whatsoever.  This character may have actually been entertaining had somebody, anybody, been cast instead.  And after listening to Aly rock the house, having to hear Vanessa on vocals is a let down.  Also, the ending, without giving anything away, is becoming a trend in teen contest movies that needs to stop.  And Lisa Kudrow needs a better makeup artist.  That is all.

The Verdict: If you liked Raise Your Voice (you know, that Hilary Duff movie from back in the day when Hilary Duff was popular) then you will like this film.  If you liked School of Rock go see something else, as this is pretty much a less charming knock off.  And if one more person casts Vanessa Hudgens in a film, let them be doomed to box office failure.

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